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Byu Bogs down

So the 51 teams from the ACC, Big East , Big Ten, and Big 12 have essentially decided to block Byu or Sdsu from getting into the top 5. So BYU & SDSU I hope your listening, they say you cant do it, Get your 26th game over and then stomp the ever loving Dust from every one of their boots. Im so disapointed in the Truth right now I even minted a Quotation for the moment: "TRUTH RARELY MATTERS, and EFFORT MATTERS EVEN LESS TO THOSE NOT LOOKING FOR IT" !!! there could i be any more blunt, thats a Johnny Scott Special. I really didn't think the Eastern voters woul act this way if BYU & SDSU kept being succesful, but they did. I've seen Predidice before , Memory recalls the year it took all the other teams to lose 2 in NCAA Football for BYU to be Ranked #1 During the Robbie Bosco era.

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And there Back!!! BYU beat UNLV last night 69-53 , Now it wasnt the 15 point win that was impressive , it wasnt the fact they never let UNLV, get closer than 6 points, It wasnt the fact the place (Marriot Center was Electric again 23,000 fans), It was the fact BYU WAS BACK after 2 games New Mexico & Wyoming (Lackluster games) they came back with a Vengence...SHARP PASSES...JIMMER ASSISTS TO TEAMMATES...3 POINT SHOTS THAT DONT TOUCH THE NET...and above all TEAM PASSES & DEFENSE. AT ONE POINT UNLV LOPEZ WAS ON THE GROUND KICKING & SCREAMING GETTING A TECHNICAL, SEPERATING JAMES ANDERSONs SHOULDER ON ONE OF THOSE KICKS...WOW doesnt cover it. SOPHMORE BRANDON DAVIES HAS BECOME THE NUMBER #2 STAR ON BYU...BLOCK SHOT after BLOCK SHOT...DUNK AFTER DUNK!!!!...JACKSON EMERY back after a long string of no score games EMERY ASSISTED TO FREDETTE, FREDETTE ASSISTED TO EMERY...Charles Abouo who has 3 straight high performance games drained the 3s....Stephen rogers benchplay MANIFICO!!..Even NOAH HARTSOCK was back in high Octane play...REBOUND after REBOUND...EMERY TO THE GROUND FOR THE BALL CALLS T/O OH YEA ....Watch out there winding up for at least a SWEET 16 run and SDSU,COLO ST,N.M. one of those MWC TEAMS will be in a SWEET16 Bracket too....this is the year of the WEST.
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Fredetteabout it.....

That what BYU told SDSU last night as i said yesterday , this was going to give fans throughout the nation an education about Provo...The first sign that this Game was special and different than any played before (1) BYU fans against school policy camped out for tickets 48 hrs ahead of the game outside the Marriot Center (2) 22,500 reported at game it was more like 25000...a see of white and even when Byu would go just 4 points ahead the sound inside the building was DEAFENING!!!! just a Sophmore Brandon Davies had just as much to do withthe 13 point win as JIMMER did. Now as far as that Athletic SDSU 3 Man Low Post Line...FREDETTEABOUTIT...even jimmer Blocked shots but enter little used JAMES ANDERSON, he played just 14 minutes had 2 point 6 Rebounds and FIVE!!! Blocked shots in all most during the last 5 min stretch WOW...BEST GAME OF THE YEAR IN THE NATION....now Watch SDSU REBOUND, i would not want to be the OPPOSITION in the next FEW GAMES, Morever the next time these two (BYU/SDSU) Play is FEB 26 in San Diego this time....SET YOUR CALENDERS NOW hahaha this game ill be even more hyped if thats possible...when interviewed Jimmer simply said My TEAMATES found me...He always gives so much credit to his team, and that makes hime the type of Young Man he is....Very Humble but VERY EXCITING !!! to watch .
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