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Byu becomes rocky

   Fifty-three fouls called wow, it was so bad Referee Gerry Pollard responded to a Colorado State player who was grioing about a foul call " I'm tired of watching you guys shoot free throws. Quit fouling and just play basketball." It was a pure physical Hit, Shove and bruise match to the end, at one point star Jimmer Fredette was almost knocked out by the swing of a CSU player on an inbounds pass, but true to his form he was back in the play a second later. The Cougars drew a comparision to a Shark in the local Provo Paper "the cougars, however teams try to attack, are somehow almost always like sharks, tear out one tooth and another one sharp one grows quickly." Whatever CSU did BYU had an answer for in their interconference 84-76 win . BYU Cemented its shot to have a Conference Championship with a win over the Aztecs in San Diego on Saturday.

   Althouh injured Fredette led the cougars with 34 points on 14/16 foul shooting along with 7 rebounds which seemed like 20, Brandon Davies has now firmly established himself under the basket, and #2 scorer on the team as of late with 14 points on 12/16 at the free throw line and a MONSTER 20 rebounds, young Collinsworth had 8 rebounds and hartsock had 10. The rebounds were the reason Byu was able to get some seperation and win, out rebounding CSU 66-37. the Cougars need to heal and Quickly rebound and head to San Diego. Wednesday nights game was the second straight game of several BYU players in double figures Fredette, Davies, Hartsock and Emery did as Abouo had 9.

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And there Back!!! BYU beat UNLV last night 69-53 , Now it wasnt the 15 point win that was impressive , it wasnt the fact they never let UNLV, get closer than 6 points, It wasnt the fact the place (Marriot Center was Electric again 23,000 fans), It was the fact BYU WAS BACK after 2 games New Mexico & Wyoming (Lackluster games) they came back with a Vengence...SHARP PASSES...JIMMER ASSISTS TO TEAMMATES...3 POINT SHOTS THAT DONT TOUCH THE NET...and above all TEAM PASSES & DEFENSE. AT ONE POINT UNLV LOPEZ WAS ON THE GROUND KICKING & SCREAMING GETTING A TECHNICAL, SEPERATING JAMES ANDERSONs SHOULDER ON ONE OF THOSE KICKS...WOW doesnt cover it. SOPHMORE BRANDON DAVIES HAS BECOME THE NUMBER #2 STAR ON BYU...BLOCK SHOT after BLOCK SHOT...DUNK AFTER DUNK!!!!...JACKSON EMERY back after a long string of no score games EMERY ASSISTED TO FREDETTE, FREDETTE ASSISTED TO EMERY...Charles Abouo who has 3 straight high performance games drained the 3s....Stephen rogers benchplay MANIFICO!!..Even NOAH HARTSOCK was back in high Octane play...REBOUND after REBOUND...EMERY TO THE GROUND FOR THE BALL CALLS T/O OH YEA ....Watch out there winding up for at least a SWEET 16 run and SDSU,COLO ST,N.M. one of those MWC TEAMS will be in a SWEET16 Bracket too....this is the year of the WEST.
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