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Posted on: February 22, 2011 7:09 pm

Byu Bogs down

So the 51 teams from the ACC, Big East , Big Ten, and Big 12 have essentially decided to block Byu or Sdsu from getting into the top 5. So BYU & SDSU I hope your listening, they say you cant do it, Get your 26th game over and then stomp the ever loving Dust from every one of their boots. Im so disapointed in the Truth right now I even minted a Quotation for the moment: "TRUTH RARELY MATTERS, and EFFORT MATTERS EVEN LESS TO THOSE NOT LOOKING FOR IT" !!! there could i be any more blunt, thats a Johnny Scott Special. I really didn't think the Eastern voters woul act this way if BYU & SDSU kept being succesful, but they did. I've seen Predidice before , Memory recalls the year it took all the other teams to lose 2 in NCAA Football for BYU to be Ranked #1 During the Robbie Bosco era.

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